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            凝心聚力 共贏未來 鴻富?鉅磁2019年迎新年會 暨2018年總結表彰大會圓滿舉行

            2019/1/24 19:51:21?????點擊:


            On January 24, 2019, the annual meeting of Ganzhou Juci Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held.


            At the 2019 Chinese New Year Annual Meeting and 2018 Summary and Commendation Meeting, the company's chairman Feng Hu and other senior executives attended this annual meeting. The atmosphere at the annual meeting was warm and the content was wonderful. There are not only work summary, advanced recognition, but also cultural performances, employee games and other links. The lucky draw has pushed the atmosphere of the conference to a climax.


            The award-winning list of the company's advanced individuals and advanced collectives in 2018 was announced at the meeting; the company's leaders commended, rewarded and thanked 20 advanced individuals and one advanced collective, and then representatives of advanced employees made speeches. The company’s chairman and general manager Feng Hu delivered a passionate speech. He briefly reviewed the company’s achievements in the past year and expressed his most loyal thanks to all employees for their dedication and support to the company. At the same time, he also expressed his gratitude to the production in 2019. The business and future development goals have been prospected, expressed their confidence and expectations for the company’s future development and growth and benefit enhancement, and described the beautiful "magic dream". All employees were inspired by Feng's impassioned speech and expressed themselves. For the love and gratitude of the company, the atmosphere at the annual meeting was warm.


            Employee chorus "Tomorrow will be better"


            At the annual meeting, a variety of game lucky draws were held, and various departments performed their own artistic and artistic programs. The atmosphere of the annual meeting was cheerful and enthusiastic. With the music of "Tomorrow Will Be Better" sang by all the staff, this year It will come to a successful conclusion.